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These are the people who can help you go from word document to polished e-book.  Check out their website and see for yourself.

Horror Writers Association

I'm officially a supporting member of the Horror Writers Association! Check them out on their Twitter page: @HorrorWriters


I'm officially a goodreads author, so this is the place to check if I am running any type of promotions or give-a-aways.  Plus I will be sharing my thoughts on the books that I am reading.


Like reading books?  Like reading reviews of books to find something new to read?  Want to write your own book reviews?  If you said yes to any of these, this is the website for you!

If you need some fast and on-point editing services, go with the best.

Don't want to make my word on editing services?  Fine, do your own search by going to the Editorial Freelancers Association webpage.  Happy hunting.

Looking for photos to punch up your website or your e-book?  Don't have a lot of money to spend?  Perfect.  Check out Flickr's Creative Commons for photos thart are available for common use (as long as you follow the rules, if you choose to be bad; you're on your own).

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