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About me

(In that is not all about me)

Stories have power.

I have always been drawn to a good story because they can show me some truth, either by letting me glimpse another's' world or by forcing me to look into my own reflection.  It might be your truth, or it might be a universal truth, but it is a truth nonetheless.

I want to share my perspective by shining a spotlight on the dark corners of our world that most people work hard to convince themselves doesn't exist.  My method is simple, start with some truth and work my way out.

So, if you're looking to explore new vistas of truth (and you're secure in your belief that you can return from your visit unharmed), please take the time to see the tales that I am offering.

Some of these stories might appear humble and homespun, simple even when compared to today's fast-paced world.  Darkness often hides in plain sight among the ordinary.  You could say the simplicity of darkness is its best camouflage, allowing it to first side-saddle up to you unnoticed before enveloping you body and soul.

So, take a look around! 

Just don't get too handsy with the merchandise, because you never know when one of these simple items might grab you back.

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